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An accountability network for ethical technology.

Why join?

Everybody knows something is wrong with our current system. The political class is disempowered. Silicon Valley has failed us. We know we are collectively destroying the planet. And yet we are unable to initiate systemic change. Why? 

We have accepted our current, dysfunctional system as the norm. We are afraid to disrupt this norm because we don’t know what will follow if we do so. We are stuck in a state of mass-paralysis, governed by a greedy economic system. The tech industry has infected the world with the cult of disruptive innovation which, paradoxically, resulted in the exact opposite of disruptive change. The digital economy is perpetuating the status quo as it is optimised for profit and not for value. If we want to drive systemic change we can no longer submit to the growth pressures of publicly traded markets.  We need to rapidly find the leverage points of the current system—where even smaller shifts can produce system-scale ripple effects—and apply precise interventions. These interventions can’t emerge in isolation, they need to come from a collective effort. We need a new, global initiative, and this initiative has to be part of the commons. It has to operate outside of the global capital market and it has to explicitly declare itself independent from it.

With REVISION we are creating this initiative.


The NETWORK is a global community that exists to enable the collective agency of individuals and collaboratively advance systemic change.

The NETWORK is a growing body of the best systems thinkers, entrepreneurs, designers, researchers, developers, artists, scientists and policy-makers. The members of the global network organize online & offline under specific domains, form CIRCLES and are invited to build on and contribute to the open REPOSITORY, a publicly available commons-based knowledge base. 

Please understand that acceptance into the network depends on a multiplicity of factors including keeping the network in a healthy state of cognitive diversity. We reserve the right to reject applications or to set them on the waitlist.

What do you get being a member?

  • Professional connection to change-agents from multiple domains
  • Events to regularly bring our community together to share, connect and learn from each other
  • Discounts and early access to REVISION events and content year-round
  • Right to apply to join or start a Think-And-Do-Tank (aka CIRCLE)
  • Opportunity to contribute to the REPOSITORY (Open Knowledge Base on systemic change)
  • An online 'home' to exchange opportunities, offers, questions and experiences around systemic change and alternative futures for ourselves and our planet 🌍

Other member benefits include:

✔️ getting matched with a REVISION Ambassador responsible to connect you to the NETWORK

✔️ access to the **reduced Membership Ticket** for the yearly SUMMIT

✔️ access to retreats & workshops (Ticket in Membership Fee not included)

✔️ access to all collaborative content from the SUMMIT & throughout the year

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